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Seraphina: One of My Favorite Books

I absolutely love to read.   So much so, that my librarian will order me books that she thinks I will like.

Often times, I run out of trilogies recommended to me or can’t find any more books I haven’t read by my favorite authors.   When that happens, I take a trip to my local library and browse the shelves, seeking out interesting books I have never read.   Sometimes, I find nothing and just read a book from my collection over and over.   Other times, however, I am able to find a newly bought and shelved library book to read.   That is how I found Seraphina, or how the book found me.

Such a wonderful book! Source: rachelhartmanbooks.com

 Seraphina was sitting on the stand next to the shelves, proudly being shown off by the library as a “new read”.   I picked it up, intrigued by the dragon on the cover, and flipped it open to read the little description on the inside of the book’s jacket.   At first, I was absolutely horrified!   How could they turn a dragon into this?   I almost threw the book across the room.   But of course, my curios nature got the better of me and I took it home – was I in for a wonderful surprise!     After the first two chapters, disgusted, I was about to give up on the book.   But something told me to keep going.   I was glad I did!  I warmed up to the dragons and began to actually love them.   The story and its characters were starting to become real, and in a very well-written way on this brilliant author’s part.   I began to laugh with them, cry with them, and feel their pain.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I will stop at that.   So, if you enjoy well-written fantasy books, full of wonderfully developed characters and action that will keep you on edge from chapter to chapter, than this book is the book for you!   I would recommend this fun book to any and all – over the age of 13 maybe due to the more advanced vocabulary.   Seraphina by Rachel Hartman is a wonderful read that I would give a whopping five stars to!   I loved do love this book!

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One Word: Jubilant

Today my word is Jubilant.   I have had such a fun day.   I don’t really know how it became so enjoyable today, but it has and I am happy for it.

I had a nice day of school, not too overwhelming, and then cross-country practice was fun and enjoyable, full of laughter and silliness!   When I returned home, my parents decided to unexpectedly take us out to dinner.   That is a rare and well enjoyed treat which seems to make us all excited and happy, joking around all through dinner.

I had a very Jubilant day.

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Shakespearean Dictionary Project

Shakespear is a wonderful writer, but because of the way we speak today, many people delay in reading his works.   The dialog of Shakespears time is much different from ours, however, I believe we should embrace the differences and learn to understand them.   The way people spoke while Shakespeare was alive is a part of our history and I believe it is important to be able to read it.

This list of Shakespearean terms provides definitions of some of the words that are used often in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, along with a sample sentence of how they are used.

’tis:  it is  –   “‘Tis the way to call hers,exquisite, in question more.”

gi’: give   –   “God gi’ good e’en.”

e’er:  ever  –   “If e’er thou wast thyself, and these woes thine, thou and these woes were all for Rosaline.”

e’en: evening (i.e., afternoon)   –  “Good e’en, good fellow.”

coying:  affection of shyness   –   “But trust me, gentleman, I’ll prove more true than those that have more coying to be strange.”

stol’n: a secret – “I married them, and their stol’n marriage day was Tybalt’s doomsday…”

o’erperch:   fly over   –   “With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls, for stony limits cannot hold love out…”

th’: the   –   “T’h’ exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.” 

morrow: morning  –   “God give you a good morrow, gentlemen.”

afeard:  afraide   –   “I am afeard, being in night, all this is but a dream, too flattering sweet to be substantial.”

on:  i.e. go forward   –   “Or shall we on without apology?”

‘t:  it  –   “Let me be satisfied; is ‘t good or bad?”

ne’er:  never  –   “Did you ne’er hear say ‘two many keepcouncel, putting one away’?”

oft: often  –   “Thou chid’st me oft for loving Rosaline.”

in: i.e., into   –   “But first let me tell you, if you should lead her in a fool’s paradise,as they say, it were a very gross kind of behavior, as they say.”

o’er: over again   –   “Read o’er the volume of young Paris’ face, and find delight writ there with beauty’s pen.”

i’: in  –   “I’ faith, I am sorry that thou art not well.”

on ‘t: of it   –   “Why, I am glad on ‘t.”

fair: to be beautiful.   –  “These happy masks that kiss fair ladies’ brows…”

an: if   –  “Nay an there were two such, we should have none shortly, for one would kill the other.”

upon: to  –   “It is my soul that calls upon my name”

o’clock:  time   –  “What o’clock tomorrow shall I send to thee?”

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My Favorite Movie for a Rainy Day

Those cool rainy evenings, what better way to pass them by than to curl up on the couch, and watch one of your favorite movies – with a cup of warm tea of course.

My favorite movie to watch while I relax and enjoy the rain, is Ever After .   Ever After is one of my favorite movies of all time.   The classic Cinderella story with a marvelous twist of its own is just wonderful.   The setting and story are absolutely perfect for a rainy day ending in a rainbow.

Try it sometime, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.