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Recalled Dog Treats

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According to NBC News, China-made pet jerky treats have killed over 360 dogs and that number is rising daily.   Another 2,200 dogs have suffered from problems ranging from diarrhea and vomiting to kidney failure, and Fanconi Syndrome.   If these symptoms are left untreated, they will ultimately lead to the dog’s untimely death.   China is also refusing American-lead tests on the pet treats to be conducted, leading to the suspicion that they may be hiding something.

My puppy is much too dear to me!

I don’t know about you, but my pets are extremely important to me.   They serve a very emotional and important role in my life; I would not let anyone or anything harm them.   When I heard about all the deaths that were caused by these pet treats, something you give your dog to show him his intentions were appreciated,  I was horrified.   Luckily, none of my dogs have suffered from those tragic results, but many others have.   This is important information, and I am thankful to the news for publishing it to the public, so that I may be able to avoid making my dogs seriously ill or even kill them.   This news story is incredibly newsworthy because it will protect the health of our pets.


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