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1 Person Who Makes My Life Better

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Everyone should have that one person in their life that they can tell truly, that they make it better.   It can be anyone really, a friend so close you feel like you could be sisters, your real sister, a relative, that special guy, or even that sweet old lady who always makes sure to fill you in on the “newest” used book she has in her bookstore you visit often.   These people have many shapes and many faces.   They can be old, young, or in between.    I just hope everyone in the world – and outside of the world – can name a person like that who means so much to them and who makes their life a little brighter.

For me, this person goes by a popular name; she is my mother.   I choose to label my mother as the person in my life who makes it better, because she simply does.   I am almost eighteen years old, and from the very moment I was born, she held me close and told me she loved me.   I’m pretty sure she was telling me that even before I was born.   My mom is strong and beautiful.   She is loving and caring.   We can go from serious to outrageous in an instant and have fun like she is a crazy teen, too.   I can tell her anything in the world and never feel like she loves me any less or thinks any less of me either.   I never have to worry about telling her a secret  only for her to blow out to the world.   I can trust her fully and always.   My mom makes my life better because she has helped my through the ups and downs and the all arounds.   She has been through so much and seems to always know what to do.

There are sometimes when I think that my mom actually try to make my life worse, but really, she just worries and wants to keep me safe and close to her.   When I think about that, I forgive her and want nothing more than to make her feel like she is accomplishing that – and she is.   How can I get mad at her when she is only protecting me and doing everything, even if I don’t always understand it at the moment, out of love?

I know it’s hard for her to see her children grow up and leave, but she bears it with grace as often as she can.   Even though she wants me happy and near, she still helps me fill out those college applications to schools fifteen hours away.   I appreciate her strength and understanding in those times, even when I know it hurts her.

For those reasons, I have chosen my mother as the person who makes my life better.   I hope she knows how high I hold her in my heart and how much I truly love her (and my dad too of course!).   I am sorry for the things I say when I get upset, please know they are never true.   You are so wonderful, I have to make things up when I get mad!   And also, please know that no matter how far I am, I still love you and always will.   One day, when I am married and have a daughter of my own, I hope she can love me like I love you.   Even if she loved me only half as much as I love you, that would be plenty enough for me because I love you so much.


Author: lindsay103194

My name is Lindsay. I was born in 1994. I am a story-teller, writer, and photographer. I love all crazy different things! I also love all types of art because you can express yourself through it and create anything you can dream of! P.S. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!

One thought on “1 Person Who Makes My Life Better

  1. Thanks, Coco! I love you, too!!!!

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