Words on the Wind

One Word: Anxious

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Today, my one word is anxious.   I’ve been feeling this way often lately, much to my discord.    So many things going on all at once, so many dreams are coming into my reach!   I’m anxious to start taking ballet lessons for the first time in my life, a dream of mine since I was very little.   I hope they are all they appear to be.   I’m also waiting for the arrival of my new camera!   There is also the approach of my birthday that is keeping me on the edge of my seat with excitement.   With the approach of my birthday also means the approach of the birthday gift I’m excited to treat myself too!   I’m so anxious for everything to happen!

That is why my word today is anxious.


Author: lindsay103194

My name is Lindsay. I was born in 1994. I am a story-teller, writer, and photographer. I love all crazy different things! I also love all types of art because you can express yourself through it and create anything you can dream of! P.S. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!

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