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Top Five Qualities I Would Look For in a Spouse

I am a single eighteen-year-old girl, and I find the qualities of a person’s character to be very important.   In a spouse, however, that importance of character quality multiplies ten fold.   Your spouse is someone you make a promise to love truly and eternally.   The person you choose to spend your life with needs to be someone you will always love and who will always love you.   When that happy day comes, when I make that promise to the man I am preparing to marry, it means I have found a man who has the top five qualities I most admire.

These five qualities are:

1. Faithfulness.   I want a spouse who will be always and forever faithful to the promise he is going to make me and God when he prepares to marry me.

2. Trust.   I want a spouse who I can trust fully and completely, and I want him to have trust in me as well.

3. Love.   I want a spouse who overflows with a never-ending love for me and for his family.   Even for the world around him.   I want him to be loving – but to give the best of it to me.

4. Kindness.   I want a spouse who is kind to the young and old, rich and poor, high and low, animals, nature, life, just the world in general.   I want him to have a loving and kind heart.

5. Strength.   I want a spouse who has spiritual strength, mental strength, and physical strength.   I want him to have the strength to stand up for me and for himself.   I would need him to be my protector and defender.   I want him to be my hero.

Hey……A girl can dream.


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Photo Challenge – Day 5: Morning Sky

Colorful Sunrise.

Usually you hear of sunsets being colorful.   Here in Colorado, even the early sunrises in the bright morning sky are just as colorful.   With the sun rising from just behind the mountains, the morning sky is the most peaceful sky, I think.


My Favorite Villain

With all the books and movies I have come across in my life, almost all of them have had a villain in them of some kind.   This does not make it difficult for me, however, in choosing my favorite villain.   My favorite villain is Loki, the Norse shape-sifting god of mischief, in the Marvel movie, Thor.

Loki is my favorite villain because I don’t think he is fully evil – plus I have a huge crush on the actor who plays his character.   Loki also doesn’t strive to murder mass populations like the other villains who try to wipe out the whole human race.   In the movie Thor, Loki simply had his brother banished.   He never wanted to hurt his father or mother at all, or anyone else who didn’t rise against him.  Even when he comes back in The Avengers, he has no intension of really killing Thor or anyone else for that matter.   It’s when things go wrong when he becomes a little worried and some anger comes to the surface.   He wants to feel powerful and find his place, not fully understanding it doesn’t have to be as king or leader.   I love Norse mythology, and just everything about this villain in general.   I was very pleased when the creators of Marvel’s movie, The Avengers, chose Loki to be the villain out of all the many villains from the other Marvel movies.   This proves to me that Loki was such a great villain, he beat out all the others and simply had to come back.  I am very glad he did!

Of course Loki never wins, that is simply the way of things.   Good always triumphs over evil.   At least he is still alive.

Loki, god of mischief.
(Image credit: mimg.ugo.com)

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My Dream Reading Space

I love to read.   I can sit for hours reading a good book, leaving this world and entering the next.   My dream reading space would need to be bright, airy, peaceful and clean.   It would need to have many shelves for all my books, and not many distractions.   My dream reading space would need to have a big window that I could open up.   This space would also need a comfy chair, cushions, or a seat of some sort so I may read in comfort.

My dream reading space would be my escape from the world.   It would be the place I went to enjoy my books and be absorbed in them for a time.   I would love this spot and want to be in it always.

My dream reading spot would look something like this.

My dream reading spot.
(Image found @ Pinterest.com)

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Photo Challenge – Day 2: Happiness

Don’t worry….be happy!

Happiness can sometimes be a hard thing to capture in a photograph, and other times, it can be the easiest thing in the world!   For me, this balloon did a good job in capturing happiness – it has bright colors and a big smile!   That is why I captured and chose this picture for my happiness photo challenge.   It just makes me happy when I look at it!