Words on the Wind

One Word: Fulfilled

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Today, my one word is fulfilled.   I feel so peaceful and accomplished.   Everything that caused me to be so anxious and restless has passed by with the month of October.   I am now eighteen, I now have a tattoo, my camera has arrived, and I’ve tried those ballet classes out for myself.  

Now that I feel so fulfilled and at peace, I want to savor it and allow it to last.   This feeling will come to an end soon, however.   There is much more anxiety coming my way as life decisions begin to creep closer.



Author: lindsay103194

My name is Lindsay. I was born in 1994. I am a story-teller, writer, and photographer. I love all crazy different things! I also love all types of art because you can express yourself through it and create anything you can dream of! P.S. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!

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