Words on the Wind

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One Word: Change

Today, my one word is change.    Every day is a change, every second a movement closer to a future I dream of and work towards.   With every day, a changing season; every fleeting moment, a memory gained; every passing dream, a goal set for the future.    With every breath in, a change begins to stir around me.   Change is blowing through the trees.

"Change is blowing through the trees."

“Change is blowing through the trees.”


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Photo Challenge – Day 8: Favorite Color

air 021

Soft blue of the never-ending sky.

For this photo challenge, I had to come up with a photo of my favorite color – which are blues of all shades.   What better way to express my favorite color than with a picture of the most beautiful and seemingly always changing blue around?    So that is why I chose the sky.

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A Quote for This Day

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”  
Dr. Seuss


This is a wonderful quote for my life.   I just love it!   The nonsense in the world is what I live for and the Fantasy is what my life revolves around.   I look for the things that aren’t really there, or the things that aren’t easily seen.   I don’t want to live a single day without laughter and silliness squeezed in there somewhere.   Life is such a journey to me, why not go through it with your imagination at your side?   Why not live as if you were the main character in your favorite fantasy novel?   I want to move through life with light and curios foot steps.   I want to explore what the world can offer me, and make up for what it can’t.   I am a dreamer and I am a wisher and I have a mystery.

Remember this quote the next time you hear the wind whistle or the trees rustle.   Remember it when you see a shadow or a movement out of the corner of your eye, or a ripple on the surface of the water.   Remember to enjoy life through the things that go unseen and the nonsense that goes unnoticed.

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Photo Challenge – Day 7: Something Funny

zap 001

“ut oh…AAAHH!!”

It is usually a pretty funny sight to behold when someone goes sliding across the floor (as long as they don’t suffer any fatal or serious injuries) because they stepped on a banana peel.   Well, have you ever looked at it from the banana’s point of view?  🙂