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Photo Challenge – Day 19: Best Friend

"What more could I need?"

“What more could I need?”

I have two best friends…My wonderful, faithful, loving pup, and my reliable, portable, personal journal. With friends like these, what more could I need? I do have human friends, and I love them to death, but I’ve never been hurt by these friends. These best friends are always there for me and keep all my secrets. They don’t judge, and they don’t leave me or let me go astray. They are comforting.


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Photo Challenge – Day 18: Something New

Paleo Lifestyle 048

My new Kicks!

For my photo challenge today, my inspiration was “something new.”  These are my brand new running shoes and today was my first time wearing them. I love them so far!


Thirty Day Travel-Themed Photo Challenge List

I just love photo challenges. They give me something fun to do in my spare time. Since I’ve always wanted to travel – and I will make it to that goal soon – I thought it would be fun to come up with a travel-themed photo challenge list. This list should be fun and give you things to look for while in a new place. Doing photo challenges while traveling may also help you notice things that you might not have noticed before.

So here is the thirty-day list I came up with. Feel free to take it and use it or get ideas from it!


30 Day Travel-Themed Photo Challenge

  1. Self-Portrait (beginning)
  2. Luggage
  3. Travel Buddy
  4. Mode of Transportation
  5. First Glance (upon arrival)
  6. Where You Sleep
  7. Food
  8. Street
  9. Shop
  10. Door
  11. Natives
  12. Something Familiar
  13. Something Totally New
  14. Water
  15. Cityscape/Landscape
  16. Sunflare
  17. Something Black
  18. Souvenir
  19. Culture
  20. Day
  21. Night
  22. Architecture
  23. Angle
  24. Favorite
  25. Fashion
  26. Something Colorful
  27. Picturesque
  28. Pattern
  29. Something Unseen By Most
  30. Self-Portrait (end)

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Photo Challenge – Day 17: Memories

"This kitty has shared so many memories with me."

“This kitty has shared so many memories with me.”

Ever since I was five years old I have wanted a cat of my own. All my childhood that dream was denied. I don’t know why I held on to it for so long, I had three dogs, two horses, and five rabbits, but I still wished for a kitty. Then this little guy found us. His name is bandit. He was a stray who visited our house every single day and stayed close. When we were about to move over 100 miles away, we took him with us. He has been my “kitty” for over nine years; first a stray and now family.

I share so many memories with this cat, both good and bad, joyful and heart wrenching. I could not imagine going through those memories without this special little kitty there to help me through them. He is always there to sit on my lap and listen.

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Photo Challenge – Day 16: Animal

Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Northern Saw-whet Owl in black and white.

Northern Saw-whet Owl in black and white.

I’m sorry! I know It is a photo challenge, not  photoS, but I just love both of these pictures and couldn’t choose one over the other! This is a Northern Saw-whet Owl. While my family and I were out at a Christmas tree farm, my dad spotted this little guy sleeping in one of the pine trees. We didn’t disturb him, and he was quite calm about getting his picture taken. I just love this little guy!


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Photo Challenge – Day 15: Technology


"A clock tells time for those of us who need to keep track of it."

“A clock tells time for those of us who need to keep track of it.”

There is so much technology in the world today! I would even consider a spatula to be a piece of technology! For my photo challenge, I chose the clock because it is so essential to my every day life. Sometimes I really wish it wasn’t such an important part of my life, but I learn to live with it. That is why I chose a clock to represent technology in my photo challenge.

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10 Places To Go

I dream of traveling the world!   I can’t seem to get it off of my mind!   The world feels so huge and I feel like I’m stuck in a little corner of it, waiting for my turn to explore.   I would like to go so many places and see all the special spots each place has to show me.   I have come up with hundreds of different places to visit and have painstakingly narrowed them down to a list of my top ten.

1. Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

2. Venice, Italy.

3. Cairo, Egypt.

4. Zakynthos Island, Greece.

5. Transylvania, Romania.

6. Paris, France.

7. London, England.

8. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland.

9. Neustadt, Germany.

10. Isle Of Skye, Scotland.


(I hope I spelt all of these correctly!)