Words on the Wind

Photo Challenge – Day 13: Written Words


"My words are written when my mind is heavy with them and can't hold any more without letting some go first."

“My words are written when my mind is heavy with them and can’t hold any more without letting some go first.”

Written Words…how wonderful.   I love words, especially words that have a special meaning or tell a story.   I fill my life with written words and even live by them.   I can’t tell you how lost I would be without my favorite pen and some paper.   When I write on paper, I feel so content…it’s strange.   I can tell all my secrets to my notebook through written words and never have to worry about them betraying me, that is, as long as no one finds the book.


Author: lindsay103194

My name is Lindsay. I was born in 1994. I am a story-teller, writer, and photographer. I love all crazy different things! I also love all types of art because you can express yourself through it and create anything you can dream of! P.S. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 13: Written Words

  1. As a literature and journalism student and bibliophile I understand exactly where you are coming from. Its nice to extract all the crazy things going around in your head and to jot them down so that others can appreciate your thoughts, and it brings a sense of relief when the ideas are put into written form. Then you can sit back and celebrate your creativity, it gives you a feel of who you really are by what is reflected in your work. Good post!


    • Thank you! It does bring about a great sense of relief. It feels like such a privilege to be able to let everything out of my mind and release it onto paper! I feel like I take it for granted some days, but I really love it and I’m glad you do as well!

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