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5 Favorite Photographs – Black and White


I found this fun activity while I was scrolling through my reader. Many a blogger was posting their five favorite photographs of all time that they had taken. I thought this challenge would be a fun one to try, but I’m going to do it a little differently. I am going to post my five favorite photographs in black and white, and then my five favorite photographs in color (look out for the colored ones in a later post!). Here it goes!

1. The Sleepy Owl – This is one of my favorites because I just adore how sweet this little guy looks. So innocent and drowsy. It also brings about some very happy family memories.


2.  The Empty Window – This photo was taken before I even bought the camera I use now. It just feels so lonely, with the spider web in the top left-hand corner of the window. I just love it!


3. Horse and His Angel – This was my first ever photo shoot with a living model! I love this photo because of how sweet the horse looks and how his tail is flowing in the wind. Also, the model’s face is so serene, and her hair just delicately falls across her shoulders. I love it!


4. A Fierce Kitty – I love the focus in the face of this cat! So serious and powerful!

love 022

5.  Dandelion Wishes – I love this photo because of how simple it is. It is just a dandelion, yet it is more. So lovely and dreamy, I think.

love 007


Author: lindsay103194

My name is Lindsay. I was born in 1994. I am a story-teller, writer, and photographer. I love all crazy different things! I also love all types of art because you can express yourself through it and create anything you can dream of! P.S. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!

6 thoughts on “5 Favorite Photographs – Black and White

  1. i like all of them very very good work BRAAVO…I can not however lying to you some of them i liked more the first on and the last one..

  2. i say as barry white – first, last, always… those 2 are awesome! nothing bad ’bout the others, but… 🙂

  3. The last is in a league of it’s own.

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