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Daily Photo Challenge: Close Up – Take 2

“If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.” ― Andrew Mason

“If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.”
― Andrew Mason

For today’s photo challenge, all I could think of were wishes and dreams. I needed something to sum all those thoughts up and fit into the close-up photo challenge. Why not a dandelion? If you look close, you can even see a small spider’s web! I especially love this simple, little, delicate, and finely woven seed. A single wish that will soon be carried away in the breeze…



Daily Photo Challenge: Sharp

"The razor placed to keep me away, just makes my want to get in stronger."

“The razor placed to keep me away, just makes my want to get in stronger.”

Today’s photo challenge is sharp. Since yesterday’s was so soft and gentle, I wanted today’s to be razor-sharp! The razor wire that was wrapped around this fence was in helpless disarray. Perhaps something tried to get in. Perhaps something tried to get out…

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New Perspective on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday that celebrates the life and trials of St. Patrick. There was once a time when the holiday was Christian and Catholic, but could it be those days are over? St. Patrick was once represented in and with the color blue. How did green find its way into the mix? What about those clovers? It is said St. Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize the holy trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now, all you see in St. Patrick’s Day are four-leafed clovers and hear of nothing but the “luck of the Irish.” Has this holiday been transformed into something else…something totally different?

Image credited to rightful owner.

Image credited to rightful owner.

The Irish were once (and perhaps some still are) a people who stood firm in their tales and folklore – something I’ve always admired them for. What if their stories have truth in them? What if the “good folk”, or leprechaun, and the fey are real. Perhaps these beings the Irish folklore warned us about are real, and perhaps they have taken over a once blessed holiday.

Call me crazy, but here is the fun way I like to look at it. What was once a peaceful holiday, has been taken over by the mischievous leprechaun people and the beautiful yet brutal faerie folk. Since green is the usual color for the leprechaun and is more of the earth for the fey, blue was replaced with green. The holy three-leafed shamrock was cast out and in its place the four-leafed clover was erected. The four-leafed clover is said to allow a human to gain the sight, in other words, it allows humans to see the otherwise invisible-unless-want-to-be-seen fey. As for the “luck of the Irish,” well that was added in there by the good folk who, if pleased, would reward the person who benefited them with a happy and prosperous life. What about the parades and celebrations, you may ask? Well, everyone knows that the fey look completely different from humans in skin color, hair, ect. So, just like they do on Hallowe’en, the fey take advantage of the costumes and crazy dress of the celebrations to disguise their different and lovely selves.

Now that should get you wondering.


©Lindsay Amber

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Daily Photo Challenge: Soft

"You can find anything and everything in the depths of nature."

“You can find anything and everything in the depths of nature.”

Today’s photo challenge is soft. This plant was growing up a fence along the road. I’m not sure what type it is at all, but it has seeded out and lasted through the cold winter months. This plant just looks so fluffy and soft, I thought it would be perfect for today’s photo challenge. I didn’t touch it, so I’m not really sure if it is actually soft.


Lady of the Veil

So unfortunately I have been trapped in a severe writer’s block and have neglected my poor blog for a week now. Thankfully, however, it has been the complete opposite with my photography! I have even recruited some fabulous models! 😀 This shoot was part of a larger one, but I felt like these few photos needed a title and gallery all their own. I am really happy with the way they turned out! If you have any critiques or feedback, I would love to hear them! I am still learning. If you enjoy this gallery, keep an eye out for the continuation!

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Spring’s Slow Arrival

The world is coming to life; can you feel it? With every passing hour, she wakens more and more from the deepest of deep sleeps that Winter has put her in. The duvet of snow that was cast upon her has vanished. The sun is finally able to break apart the grey blanket of clouds and settle on the Earth’s cold skin.

With the warming of the soil, the creatures who lay dormant in the ground beneath begin to stir as well. Little by little the world turns green, and little by little, life begins to push away the sleepy cold who has held his grip on the Earth for far too long.

With the first tulip bud that rises from the soil, another will surly follow. One after another, the flowers begin to appear. The bees and the birds welcome their arrival with open arms. Happy is the sound of the feasting insects and birds upon the sweet nectar of the new blooms.

Spring has come and with her the boon of sunshine, warmth, and the promise of a summer-y  future.

Fall 016

© Lindsay Amber

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Daily Photo Challenge: Fantasy


Look beyond the world, and you will find the secret.

Today’s photo challenge is fantasy. Fantasy can be so mysterious and beautiful. I love and treasure the word. So, I chose to put a lovely mask, a compass, and a rose broach on the snow and photograph it. Each one holds a secret and each can mean something so different. I hope you enjoy the image and makes you dreamy. 🙂