Words on the Wind


What else do you do when you wonder through the world and discover things hardly anyone these days seems to see? All these hidden secrets no one else seems to know. What happened to the times when people could see them – or had the time to see them?

That is what I use my blog for. I want people to be able to savor the beauty of one of those hidden secrets I have put into words or captured in a photo. If I ever become the one who can no longer see – hopefully never!! – I will have this blog and these stories to remind me.

To sum it up, I am a writer, story-teller, and photographer in training. 🙂

If you would like to see more of my photography, please visit my other page, LindsayAmberPhotography.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep up the great work on your blog! And thanks for following me! I’m looking forward to more of your work as well!

  2. Lindsay, how are you?

    Good news, we are giving you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

  3. Lindsay, thanks for commenting on my blog. Keep up the good work here — we creative types need to stick together!!

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