Words on the Wind

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One Word: Change

Today, my one word is change.    Every day is a change, every second a movement closer to a future I dream of and work towards.   With every day, a changing season; every fleeting moment, a memory gained; every passing dream, a goal set for the future.    With every breath in, a change begins to stir around me.   Change is blowing through the trees.

"Change is blowing through the trees."

“Change is blowing through the trees.”


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One Word: Weary

Today my one word is weary.   I’m usually bouncing off the walls on thursday, happy to be welcoming friday and the coming weekend, but not today.   Today I am simply tired and weary.   Hopefully tonight will bring a peaceful sleep and I will wake up rejuvenated, fresh, and energetic.

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One Word: Fulfilled

Today, my one word is fulfilled.   I feel so peaceful and accomplished.   Everything that caused me to be so anxious and restless has passed by with the month of October.   I am now eighteen, I now have a tattoo, my camera has arrived, and I’ve tried those ballet classes out for myself.  

Now that I feel so fulfilled and at peace, I want to savor it and allow it to last.   This feeling will come to an end soon, however.   There is much more anxiety coming my way as life decisions begin to creep closer.


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One Word: Flabbergasted

Today my one word is flabbergasted.   First of all, I’m flabbergasted at how fast the month of October has gone by!   I feel like I blinked my eye, and it vanished!   Where has the whole month gone?   Secondly, I’m flabbergasted that my birthday is in two days, and the fact that I will be eighteen, absolutely blows my mind!   To think I have been alive for eighteen years just sounds absurd, and those years have just whizzed on past!

That is why my one word for today is flabbergasted.

Get ready for Halloween!

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One Word: Frigid

Today is a very frigid day.   The sky is covered in dark grey clouds and the wind cuts at my face with his icy fingers.    That is why my one word for today is frigid.   Even the inside of my house is cold!   I can tell winter is on his way and it isn’t even November yet.

It is a frigid day indeed, when icicles coat the trees.


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One Word: Anxious

Today, my one word is anxious.   I’ve been feeling this way often lately, much to my discord.    So many things going on all at once, so many dreams are coming into my reach!   I’m anxious to start taking ballet lessons for the first time in my life, a dream of mine since I was very little.   I hope they are all they appear to be.   I’m also waiting for the arrival of my new camera!   There is also the approach of my birthday that is keeping me on the edge of my seat with excitement.   With the approach of my birthday also means the approach of the birthday gift I’m excited to treat myself too!   I’m so anxious for everything to happen!

That is why my word today is anxious.

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One Word: Fidgety

My word today is fidgety.   Tomorrow I am going to visit a college and meet the coach of the college.   The university is in my state, but I feel it is a big step in my life.   This makes me realize how close I am to changing my life forever, the life I am used to and know well.   I am nervous and I just can’t seem to stop fidgeting.   I am a little scared, too.

At cross-country practice today, my track coach also brought me a letter from the Naval Academy.   I waited until I made it home from practice, and my mom and I opened it together.   The letter informed me that the academy would love to have me attend, I could even run for them if I pleased.   And once again, I began to fidget.   When the year ends and the time comes, I hope I am ready to leave and follow my heart.