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New Perspective on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday that celebrates the life and trials of St. Patrick. There was once a time when the holiday was Christian and Catholic, but could it be those days are over? St. Patrick was once represented in and with the color blue. How did green find its way into the mix? What about those clovers? It is said St. Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize the holy trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now, all you see in St. Patrick’s Day are four-leafed clovers and hear of nothing but the “luck of the Irish.” Has this holiday been transformed into something else…something totally different?

Image credited to rightful owner.

Image credited to rightful owner.

The Irish were once (and perhaps some still are) a people who stood firm in their tales and folklore – something I’ve always admired them for. What if their stories have truth in them? What if the “good folk”, or leprechaun, and the fey are real. Perhaps these beings the Irish folklore warned us about are real, and perhaps they have taken over a once blessed holiday.

Call me crazy, but here is the fun way I like to look at it. What was once a peaceful holiday, has been taken over by the mischievous leprechaun people and the beautiful yet brutal faerie folk. Since green is the usual color for the leprechaun and is more of the earth for the fey, blue was replaced with green. The holy three-leafed shamrock was cast out and in its place the four-leafed clover was erected. The four-leafed clover is said to allow a human to gain the sight, in other words, it allows humans to see the otherwise invisible-unless-want-to-be-seen fey. As for the “luck of the Irish,” well that was added in there by the good folk who, if pleased, would reward the person who benefited them with a happy and prosperous life. What about the parades and celebrations, you may ask? Well, everyone knows that the fey look completely different from humans in skin color, hair, ect. So, just like they do on Hallowe’en, the fey take advantage of the costumes and crazy dress of the celebrations to disguise their different and lovely selves.

Now that should get you wondering.


©Lindsay Amber



5 Favorite Photographs – Color

Just the other day I posted my five favorite black and white photos that I have taken. Today, I thought it would be fun to post my five favorite photographs that are in color. Here it goes, I hope you enjoy them!

1.  Bright Eyes – This is that same owl I posted in my black and white favorites. I just can not help myself! I adore this owl! I had only just gotten my new camera and I hadn’t been able to take too many pictures of “living” creatures, only still life. When we found this owl, I happened to have my camera with me. He let me get so close! It was amazing! I consider him my first living, wild, subject. 🙂

Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Northern Saw-whet Owl.

2. Sun-lit Rose – This photo is one of my favorites because of the color in the rose and the stillness of the sky. The shadows that play on the illuminated leaves are so lovely, I think. I just really enjoy it.

Fall 046

3. Home – I chose this photo because of how welcoming the window looks. I took this picture after I stopped for lunch in Astoria. I was visiting Seattle, and we decided to see the Oregon cost. This window just was so inviting in the very industrial town and against the grey sky. I hope to go back to Oregon some day soon…

air 015

4. Waiting to Fly – I love this photo because of the detail captured. Dandelions are my favorite! If you don’t believe me, I even have a tattoo of a dandelion. So there. 🙂 I once read that a person can either look at a field of dandelions and see a hundred weeds, or a hundred wishes.

love 008

5. Summer’s Last Breath – This photo was taken right before the winter months came and rid my yard of its flowers. As you can see, the petals are starting to wither away, yet beauty can still be found. That is why I love it.

Fall 016


5 Favorite Photographs – Black and White

I found this fun activity while I was scrolling through my reader. Many a blogger was posting their five favorite photographs of all time that they had taken. I thought this challenge would be a fun one to try, but I’m going to do it a little differently. I am going to post my five favorite photographs in black and white, and then my five favorite photographs in color (look out for the colored ones in a later post!). Here it goes!

1. The Sleepy Owl – This is one of my favorites because I just adore how sweet this little guy looks. So innocent and drowsy. It also brings about some very happy family memories.


2.  The Empty Window – This photo was taken before I even bought the camera I use now. It just feels so lonely, with the spider web in the top left-hand corner of the window. I just love it!


3. Horse and His Angel – This was my first ever photo shoot with a living model! I love this photo because of how sweet the horse looks and how his tail is flowing in the wind. Also, the model’s face is so serene, and her hair just delicately falls across her shoulders. I love it!


4. A Fierce Kitty – I love the focus in the face of this cat! So serious and powerful!

love 022

5.  Dandelion Wishes – I love this photo because of how simple it is. It is just a dandelion, yet it is more. So lovely and dreamy, I think.

love 007


What’s in a Name?

Names are such a huge part of who you are. They are used as a signature of your personal being. Your name is what you are recognized by. A name can even last long after you have passed away. What about the moon? Has it ever dawned on you that the moon doesn’t have a real name? I have been pondering this questions for two years now, and it really bothers me. Is it just me, or has anyone else wondered this?

Sure, the moon has a title, but not a name. Think of it this way; the Earth’s moon, is just called the Earth’s moon. What kind of a name is that? Well, it’s not. Mars has “moons,” but they each have names like Phobos and Deimos, they aren’t called just moon – a title of the object that they are. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all have “moons” that all have names! Even if one of the other planets’ moons is only know by numbers, at least they have a signature! Not poor old Earth’s moon.

I don’t understand why this is, or how this has come to be. If anyone out there can shed some light on my confused mind, please do!

Doesn't our beautiful moon deserve a name too?

Doesn’t our beautiful moon deserve a name too?


©Lindsay Amber


One Wish


I wish I may…I wish I might…Have this wish I wish tonight.”

If you were granted one wish…what would it be? This would be a difficult decision for me. There are so many places in the world I would like to go; so many things I would like to see. How does one decide what that one wish will be?

Hmmm…If I were given one single wish, I would have to wish for greed to leave the Earth and those living on it alone. All the pain greed causes and all the suffering to both human and animal that is caused by the sins of greed will all end as soon as he leaves. Think how happy the world could be. No more murders, no more abuse. No more shark finning, and no more puppy mills. We wont have to worry about brutality and suffering because almost all of it is caused by greed in some way or the other.

Yes, that is what I would wish for.

(Image credit to rightful owner.)

(Image credit to rightful owner.)



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10 Places To Go

I dream of traveling the world!   I can’t seem to get it off of my mind!   The world feels so huge and I feel like I’m stuck in a little corner of it, waiting for my turn to explore.   I would like to go so many places and see all the special spots each place has to show me.   I have come up with hundreds of different places to visit and have painstakingly narrowed them down to a list of my top ten.

1. Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

2. Venice, Italy.

3. Cairo, Egypt.

4. Zakynthos Island, Greece.

5. Transylvania, Romania.

6. Paris, France.

7. London, England.

8. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland.

9. Neustadt, Germany.

10. Isle Of Skye, Scotland.


(I hope I spelt all of these correctly!)


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To Witness One Event in History

The question is: If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?

Queen Elizabeth I in her Coronation Robes.(Image credited to http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)

Queen Elizabeth I in her Coronation Robes. (Image credited to http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)

My Answer:

The Day is November 17th and the year is 1558.   I am decked out in the most extravagant gown I could find, standing along the edge of a red carpet that has been stretched along the center of the polished tile floor.   The high ceilings of the Westminster Abbey in London rise high above my head, reminding me how small I really am.   The crowd has gathered outside of the Abbey, but I have the privilege to be standing inside with a handful of others, witnessing in person this amazing historic event.   I am waiting with some apprehension for Elizabeth I to walk down that red carpet and take her seat upon a gold throne that waits at the end.   Today Elizabeth I of London will be crowned queen of both London and Ireland.   Today is her coronation, and that is the historic event I have chosen to see.