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An Act of Kindness

As many of you are aware, it is football season. This past Friday was not only a game night for my home town, it was homecoming. There was a young man on the football team who was more than a little nervous. This is a big game for the high school, and as a senior, he wanted to make sure he played his best.

The game begins and is intense right from the start. The two opposing teams battle it out. In one of the plays, the senior I mentioned at the beginning, was running for a touchdown before a member of the opposing team pushed him out-of-bounds. The play didn’t stop there, however. The opposing player kept on driving the young man until he had him pinned up against the fence, and still didn’t stop. The victim’s teammates went crazy! They rushed to the aid of this young man and started a scuffle that ended in the suspension of a player from each team.

When the game continued, it was fueled with the excitement of the scuffle. The hits became harder, and the blocks became stronger. Then a player went down. This player was on the opposing team, and when he fell, he went completely limp. He was carried away in an ambulance, but never moved throughout the entire process. There was a rumor going around that his neck had been broken.

The game went on, and in the end, the home team was victorious. They had won their homecoming game, and everything was great. Spectators and parents went wild and then everyone started to flee from the coming rain, all except for the senior who was run into the fence. He stopped amid the chaos to remember the player who had fallen.

I was on my way over to him when my sight of the field was momentarily obstructed as I walked under the bleachers. Suddenly I noticed the entire crowd had gone silent, even the excited announcer has stopped rambling remarks mid-sentence! I don’t know why, but I panicked and ran to get to the other side of the stands so I could see the field. This is what I saw. Off to the side a little ways, both teams were kneeling closely together, their school colors intertwined. In the center of that huddle was that senior boy. His eyes were closed, his helmet was in his hand, and he was praying with a force that would have made any non-believer fall to their knees.

I watched in amazement. Here was this senior boy who was rammed into a fence by this team, yet he was praying for the safety, health, and recovery of one of their players. He was putting everything aside to raise an injured player who wasn’t even one of his teammates up to God. He was performing the most wonderful act of kindness I had ever seen in my life. Tears started falling from my eyes as I watched this incredibly strong young man perform this delicate act of kindness. I am so blessed to be able to call that young man my boyfriend, and blessed to have been able to witness this act of kindness that changed something in my heart.

In the end, only this amazing young man knows if he played his best, but that night he showed everyone there how to be a good teammate as well as a good opponent, and how much any act of kindness can impact so many lives around you. No matter how good you play, sometimes the game is forgotten, but I know that act will not so soon be forgotten.

Sadly, I was not carrying my camera with me at that perfect moment, but I will carry this memory and the image it engraved on my heart always, and I will take that act and learn from it.

My inspiration

My inspiration

Side Note: The injured player did not break his neck. He luckily suffered only from mild swelling in his spinal cord at the base of his neck and is expected to make a full recovery.


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Ode to St. Valentine


“A  flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without  love. “
                                                                                     – Max  Muller

Today, Valentine’s Day, is marked with love and chocolate. How did this day come to be? Although it is not known for certain, I did some research and found out a little on how February the 14th came to pass as a holiday of love and romance.

It is told that there once lived a young saint named Valentine. He was a beloved priest to Emperor Claudius II of Rome during the third century. Claudius began to perform a test on his priests without them knowing, and discovered unmarried martyred served far better than those with a wife and family. Emperor Claudius then declared that his priests were not to be wed.

St. Valentine realized how devastating this was to his fellow priests, and pitied their lonely pain. Valentine began to perform secret weddings between his saints and their sweet hearts. Not long after Valentine’s secret marriages, Emperor Claudius found him out and had him executed.

© Lindsay Amber

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New Year, New Theme

The coming of January  has also brought with it a new year.   I thought my blog needed a change to welcome a change in the year.   Therefore, I have decided to change the theme on my blog from Dusk to Dawn, to Yoko.   I look forward to this little change, and I hope my visitors find it fun and bright.   Out with the old, in with the new!

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This is Me

Puppy Love

My name is Lindsay Amber.   I was born on October 31st, 1994, to Paul and Paula, and I love them very much.   I have two sisters and a little brother.

    I am a Halloween baby and have had a bunch of fun with that!   Sure there was the occasional witch who came along and tried to play the world against me, but I survived – am surviving still.   I enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, being around animals, writing, quilting, art, photography, being in the woods and around the ocean, and the list goes on and on and on.   One thing I really love doing is reading and writing fictional/fantasy stories.   I love looking at the world through different eyes, my eyes, and seeing things others  sadly struggle to see.    It makes life more fun when you use your imagination.      

     The West Coast is where I would like to call home, but I really live in a small town in Colorado…a town much too far away from the west coast shores where the Pacific Ocean and my dream home lie in waiting.   Don’t get me wrong, I do love my home here in Colorado, but I think the curse the Indians laid on this land has worn off long ago, or I have simply been immune to it because it didn’t pass from father to daughter.   Either way, I would like to travel and see other parts of the world, experience new things; I am not easily contained.

Another thing that interests me is the ancient cultures and the myths that go along with them.   I don’t particularly care for the Mayans, or any of the tribes who once roamed Central and South America, they seem to posses an evil I would rather not explore.   However, I do love the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Norse along with their fascinating mythology.   Sometimes I think I belong more to the olden day fairy tale – telling Irish folk than to the technology hungry Americans of today.

So that is me.   I am a girl trapped in the wrong world, waiting for her chance at adventure and escape.   Waiting  for life to truly begin, to turn into a story all my own.

“We are what we are, neither as good

or as evil as others paint us.

 And what we are doesn’t change how truly we feel,

only how free we are to follow those feelings.”