Words on the Wind

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Leaps and Bounds

Hello all!

As you can very much tell from my blog, Words on the Wind, Photography is one of my passions. Recently, I have launched my new photography website, Lindsayamberphotography.com in the hopes that I can expand my photography skills and develop a career out of it.

Please feel free to visit my page and follow!Lindsay Amber Photography


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Daily Photo Challenge: Small

"I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life - but there was no one to tell me." - George Washington Carver

“I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life – but there was no one to tell me.”
– George Washington Carver

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Daily Photo Challenge: Wildlife


“The only time geese are ever dangerous is when you happen to be standing on the edge of a cliff.”
– Poppy Z. Brite, Lost Souls

Today’s photo challenge is wildlife. Where I am, the Canadian geese are slowly making their way back to wherever they came from. Each winter, the rivers and fields are full of flocks of Canadian geese. Now is the time when many of them disappear, flying back from whence they came. There are a few, however who remain. These geese are the ones I look out for with my camera.

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Horses – Up Close and Personal

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Daily Photo Challenge: Home


Home sweet home.

Today’s photo challenge is home. As I was taking my dog for a little walk, I came across this little nest, hanging peacefully, high in the branches of a great tree. I thought it just looked so lovely, and it is crafted so well. A cute little bird home. I once read that this particular type of bird will build a nest for his mate, she will inspect it thoroughly, and if it doesn’t meet her standard, she will knock it from the branches, and the male bird will have to start his work all over again.


5 Favorite Photographs – Color

Just the other day I posted my five favorite black and white photos that I have taken. Today, I thought it would be fun to post my five favorite photographs that are in color. Here it goes, I hope you enjoy them!

1.  Bright Eyes – This is that same owl I posted in my black and white favorites. I just can not help myself! I adore this owl! I had only just gotten my new camera and I hadn’t been able to take too many pictures of “living” creatures, only still life. When we found this owl, I happened to have my camera with me. He let me get so close! It was amazing! I consider him my first living, wild, subject. 🙂

Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Northern Saw-whet Owl.

2. Sun-lit Rose – This photo is one of my favorites because of the color in the rose and the stillness of the sky. The shadows that play on the illuminated leaves are so lovely, I think. I just really enjoy it.

Fall 046

3. Home – I chose this photo because of how welcoming the window looks. I took this picture after I stopped for lunch in Astoria. I was visiting Seattle, and we decided to see the Oregon cost. This window just was so inviting in the very industrial town and against the grey sky. I hope to go back to Oregon some day soon…

air 015

4. Waiting to Fly – I love this photo because of the detail captured. Dandelions are my favorite! If you don’t believe me, I even have a tattoo of a dandelion. So there. 🙂 I once read that a person can either look at a field of dandelions and see a hundred weeds, or a hundred wishes.

love 008

5. Summer’s Last Breath – This photo was taken right before the winter months came and rid my yard of its flowers. As you can see, the petals are starting to wither away, yet beauty can still be found. That is why I love it.

Fall 016


5 Favorite Photographs – Black and White

I found this fun activity while I was scrolling through my reader. Many a blogger was posting their five favorite photographs of all time that they had taken. I thought this challenge would be a fun one to try, but I’m going to do it a little differently. I am going to post my five favorite photographs in black and white, and then my five favorite photographs in color (look out for the colored ones in a later post!). Here it goes!

1. The Sleepy Owl – This is one of my favorites because I just adore how sweet this little guy looks. So innocent and drowsy. It also brings about some very happy family memories.


2.  The Empty Window – This photo was taken before I even bought the camera I use now. It just feels so lonely, with the spider web in the top left-hand corner of the window. I just love it!


3. Horse and His Angel – This was my first ever photo shoot with a living model! I love this photo because of how sweet the horse looks and how his tail is flowing in the wind. Also, the model’s face is so serene, and her hair just delicately falls across her shoulders. I love it!


4. A Fierce Kitty – I love the focus in the face of this cat! So serious and powerful!

love 022

5.  Dandelion Wishes – I love this photo because of how simple it is. It is just a dandelion, yet it is more. So lovely and dreamy, I think.

love 007