Words on the Wind


Daily Photo Challenge: Cold

Cold, like the icicles that form from the melting tears of the snow.

Cold, like the icicles that form from the melting tears of the snow.

Today’s photo challenge is cold. For this photo challenge I thought an icicle would be a good way to embody the word cold. Since it is freezing here, all I had to do was go outside and find my favorite icicle. They are very plentiful around here this time of year!



The Kiss Of Winter

As the night creeps in, the day creatures seek shelter and the air becomes still. All around there is a stillness that never occurs in the sunlight. But that will change shortly. For a new life is about to bloom; the life of the night.

The air stirs ever so slightly, there is movement in the skies. Clouds heavy with a cold burden cover the rays of the silver moon. A breeze gently whispers to the night creature, “The time is now. The night is here. Enjoy yourselves with quiet cheer.” A snowflake falls and a laugh rings clear through the blackness. The temperature drops and now the snow is falling in a flurry like madness.

Another laugh and a rush of air. Could there be someone there? The still of night, a silent pleasure; breath stealing cold, going on as if forever. The night is conquered by a cold new world – even colder than the night’s black cover.

Winter has arrived on those heavy clouds. Round he goes to spread his snow and his shiver. If you hear that laughter breaking through the quiet of the night, go back to the warm of your room. Leave a white candle on your window sill and close it behind the curtains, but pray, do not light it. Lay down you head in the warmth of your bed and pray Winter wont find his way in.

When you wake at the rays of daybreak, go gently to your window sill. If, when you pull back your curtains, you see the spikes of frost on the glass, you know Winter was at ease. He saw the sad, cold candle and left a kiss for you on your window to let you know he has seen your lonely white offering.

Now you may be calm, for the silent Winter has gone and left you with a unique little gift. Ice frozen sharp from the lips and cold heart of a well please Winter night.


“He saw the sad, cold candle and left a kiss for you on your window…”


© Lindsay Amber