Words on the Wind

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Leaps and Bounds

Hello all!

As you can very much tell from my blog, Words on the Wind, Photography is one of my passions. Recently, I have launched my new photography website, Lindsayamberphotography.com in the hopes that I can expand my photography skills and develop a career out of it.

Please feel free to visit my page and follow!Lindsay Amber Photography


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Photo Challenge – Day 21: Where I Sleep


Well, where I sleep has been taken over by this crazy dog named Loki. A year ago in December, my family and I fostered a litter of eight pit bull puppies for an animal shelter we have gotten close to. Each of us took two puppies, a boy and a girl, gave them names, and were responsible for them. My darling little female foster puppy was quickly adopted, her name was Cleo. The male I fostered I named Loki, and I formed a bond with him that my parents saw couldn’t be broken. They told me he was adopted, and I cried for a week straight. Then, on Christmas day, he was presented to me with a little bow on. He just turned a year old this past October. He is the best dog in the world…even if he took over my bed. 🙂


Photo Challenge – Day 19: Best Friend

"What more could I need?"

“What more could I need?”

I have two best friends…My wonderful, faithful, loving pup, and my reliable, portable, personal journal. With friends like these, what more could I need? I do have human friends, and I love them to death, but I’ve never been hurt by these friends. These best friends are always there for me and keep all my secrets. They don’t judge, and they don’t leave me or let me go astray. They are comforting.