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Looking for Something?

With the holidays quickly approaching, wouldn’t it be nice to find something lovely and unique to wear to that Thanksgiving banquet? Or what about that Christmas party you have to go to?

Perhaps you’re a sweet guy and would like to get your lady-love something totally new that you know she will look beautiful in?

Well have I got wonderful news for you! One of my very lovely friends is an aspiring artist and has opened a clothing shop on etsy.com. There you will find beautiful and skillfully made clothing at unbeatable prices! So before you head to some department store for your holiday apparel, check out her clothing store first! ChelsyLorinClothing.


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Photo Challenge – Day 27: Daily Routine


Day in day out…it has to be done.

Daily routine…uhg! One thing that never changes, day in and day out, is my daily routine to do my hair. I am probably the most hair-styling-challenged teenage girl in the history of the world. The best I can do is a few little styles with bobby pins and a curling iron. I can’t even braid my own hair! Oh well… ūüôā

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Photo Challenge – Day 23: In My Closet

"Colors and shoes...a few of my favorite things!"

“Colors and shoes…a few of my favorite things!”

Today’s photo challenge¬†is a strange one. Well…here you go. This is the¬†inside of my closet. Nothing big, nothing fancy. As you may have noticed, I love colors! I also have a huge shoe feddish (you can only see half of my shoe collection from this picture) and it is growing!

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Photo Challenge – Day 22: Clothing


Colors, colors, and more colors, please!

Today’s photo challenge¬†is clothing. I love colors and patterns in my clothes! Since these are a few of my favorite articles of clothing I own, I chose them to represent my photo challenge for day 22.

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Which way? (Image credited to rightful owner)

When I say inked or ink,¬† I’m simply referring to the process of getting a tattoo, or a tattoo in general.¬†¬† Tattoos are beautiful to me, a type of art,¬†despite the reconciliation they may get from others.¬†¬† I believe all tattoos are unique and special; they all have a meaning.¬†¬† Whether the tattoo owner’s¬†goal is to resemble or represent¬† a memory of an event or person, religion, love, favored item, a memento;¬† it all means something.¬†¬† Some even go as far as to tell a story, right there, written out¬†on their skin for the world to see.¬†¬† It takes my breath away.¬†¬† Those against them often have a hard time seeing it, but¬†that doesn’t make it any less true.¬†¬† Sometimes the tattoo can be crude and kinda inappropriate, but that’s the person wearing them, not the art in¬†itself.On my eighteenth birthday, which will be here on October 31st, I want to get my very first tattoo.¬†¬† I have already personally designed three tattoos, each of them meaning something special to me and each of them being unique.¬† I plan on getting each one someday, but I absolutely¬†do plan on getting them.¬†¬† The tattoos that I made are each special to me and each mean something.¬†¬† The first one I plan on getting is a small quote I found in one of my favorite books, reminding me to just be me – something I desperately need to remember – along with a flower I drew.¬†¬† The others are of things such as¬†a symbol of something I treasure, and a name I hold dear.

I am a Christian and I am proud of it.   I do not believe my tattoos will separate me from my God whatsoever!   My body is said to be His temple; I am simply decorating its walls with pictures that cause no disrespect to Him, me, or the people around me.   I feel getting inked is another way people express themselves.   It is usually a personal process that brings about a sense of freedom when completed.

As much as it saddens me to think of, some of my family members are against my dreams of a tattoo.¬†¬† They think the placement I have decided on (my shoulder-blade) is too prominent and the size too large.¬†¬† They are worried about what others will think of me, which goes against exactly what my tattoo will stand for.¬†¬† As much as I need them to, they don’t understand what it means to me.¬†¬† You can’t let anyone stop you from being¬†you, you just have to take the first step in getting there.¬†¬† It is not just a worthless picture I want drawn on my skin,¬†it is¬†my very own piece of¬†treasure I can carry with me and never lose.¬†¬†¬† I love my family very much and would never want to disrespect them or disobey my parents, I just would rather do it with their blessing rather than their reconcile.¬†¬† But, I will do it either way…

It’s only forever…Not long at all. (Image credited to rightful owner)

So there is my opinion of tattoos and my story laid out before your very eyes.¬†¬† The view I have on the art that can very possibly change a person’s life.¬†¬† A confession of my dreams.

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5 Items to Buy!

Lets say I just won, came into, or inherited one-million dollars.   Using the one-million dollars I now hold in my hands, I am allowed to buy five things with this money.

If this amazing event ever took place in my life, these are the five things I would buy:

1. A house with land near the ocean in a small, unknown Oregon town (maybe Tillamook), and bring all my pets and horses with me.

Image credited to rightful owner









2. A pair of Irregular choice shoes.

Image credited to rightful owner.












3. My dream wedding dress (might as well prepare for the future!).

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4. A vacation home for my parents in the location of their choice.

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5. And…my very own jet so I could travel the world!!

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I know these are petty things, but if I had any money left over I would put it to better use!