Words on the Wind

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The Ocean’s Lullaby

The air is cool tonight.   It feels so soothing as it embraces my burning skin; a burning only my nightmares can create.   I’m walking, slowly and in a daze.   All is quiet and calm.   The only sound in the stillness of the night is the tide, ebbing back and forth.   I often find myself drawn to that steady rhythm and hypnotizing melody.   It is always there, always present.   Any other body of water, even that in a small pool, lit only by the moon’s light at such an hour as this would surely cause my skin to tingle with an eerie fear.   However, the ocean lit by the moon never has, no matter how late the night may be.

My legs are weary, my eyes tired.   My heart is bleeding and my mind won’t cease its endless wondering.   The ocean sings a song so sweet.   A lullaby so simple and sweet.   The ocean makes me forget.

“I know you are tired, I know your tale,” the sea sings.   “Night after sleepless night you come to haunt my shores.   You bring your burdens, your worries, your cares you struggle to bear.   Come to me now, you’ve waited so long.   I will carry you on.   Shut your teary, woeful eyes while I wrap you in my soothing embrace.   Your heart may be whole again, when you soon forget your woes at hand.   Cool and fresh my watery arms you’ll find, let it surround you, you may be mine.   Yes, my sorrowing child, just a little deeper still.   Your mind will stop its wonders and be calm with a quiet somber.   Your legs will have no need for the strength you cannot find, for I will carry you all through the night.   Close your eyes, my little child, they need not be open for the while.   You may stay forever with me, wrapped up in my love.

Forever at sea…

Almost there my precious thing….

Jussttt llletttt gggoooo…….. “


© Lindsay Amber