Words on the Wind

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Daily Photo Challenge: Black and White

"But, hidden in the darkness is where much beauty lies. It is usually missed by the frightened eyes."

“But, hidden in the darkness is where much beauty lies. It is usually missed by the frightened eyes.”

Life has caught me and I have been so busy. I missed this blog so I decided to stop in and add a post. No story or tale came to mind, but I remembered this beautiful flower photo I took last month and decided to share it. Its become one of my favorites.

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Daily Photo Challenge: Green

"Green is life and happiness."

“Green is life and happiness.”

Today’s photo challenge is green. I thought this picture captures green in all its joyful beauty in a soft, bright, cheery kind of way. This photo just brings a smile to my face, I hope it does for you as well. Enjoy!

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Daily Photo Challenge: Time

"Tick-tock goes the every moving clock."

“Tick-tock goes the every moving clock.”

Today’s photo challenge is time. I chose time because it seems to be on my mind quite often lately. Everything has a deadline, everything is depending on something else to happen before it can come into being. Time, time, time.

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Early Morning Rain

I could smell it in the air yesterday, that pure, cooling scent – rain. It came in the night. I could hear the tell-tale pitter patter on my window as I closed my book and gave into sleep. My dog woke me up early today, and there it was. The rain had come and gone, leaving that quiet in the air. It was the most beautiful morning of spring that I have seen this year.


Happy Spring!


It has been awhile since my last post. Life has gotten quite busy as of late. I’ve been writing little story ideas on loose pieces of paper here and there, and hope to maybe complete one for my blog. I should probably update my page’s look. When I signed in today, I looked at my page and thought only of Winter. It’s Spring now, so I need bright colors!