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Looking for Something?

With the holidays quickly approaching, wouldn’t it be nice to find something lovely and unique to wear to that Thanksgiving banquet? Or what about that Christmas party you have to go to?

Perhaps you’re a sweet guy and would like to get your lady-love something totally new that you know she will look beautiful in?

Well have I got wonderful news for you! One of my very lovely friends is an aspiring artist and has opened a clothing shop on etsy.com. There you will find beautiful and skillfully made clothing at unbeatable prices! So before you head to some department store for your holiday apparel, check out her clothing store first! ChelsyLorinClothing.



I Need Your Help To change My Life!

Hello all! I humbly appeal to all my fellow bloggers, and ask you to give me a few seconds of your time. I have entered a contest through TOMS to get a chance at winning a place on one of their Giving Trips. I have never won anything so life changing before in my whole life. I have not heard of this contest until late, so I am very behind in votes. There are only 37 days left in this contest, so if you would like to help me out, I would be so very grateful to you! Thank you for your time!

Simply go to the link below, and click VOTE!


If you have an account with TOMS, just log in and you can vote, or sign in using facebook or google. Thanks again!

P.S. Think of all the wonderful lives I could enter into and help, not to mention change my own. On another note, think of all the pictures I could take on a trip like this!

This could be my first step into the vast expanses of the world!

This could be my first step into the vast expanses of the world!


My Bucket List

I’ve always heard about bucket lists, but never really made on of my own. In October, I finally decided I should make one, and I did. I typed it up and put it in my room as a reminder everyday to keep working on my goals for my life. Here it is!

My Bucket List:

  • Learn to draw/paint.
  • Teach my dog how to run with me.
  • Own an Arabian horse.
  • Own a Mad Hatter hat.
  • Learn to dance.
  • Get a tattoo.
  • Run track in college.
  • Own a Volts Wagon.
  • Own a professional Nikon or Canon camera.
  • Dye my whole head of hair a totally different color.
  • Register Loki as a service dog.
  • Master all songs on “Just Dance 3.”
  • Give someone who really deserves it the middle finger.
  • Buy my very own house.
  • Grow an amazing garden at that house.
  • Build a personal library consisting of at least 100 books.
  • Read 200 books.
  • Climb an Egyptian pyramid (I will find a way!).
  • Star gaze from deep in the Sahara desert.
  • Touch the Moon.
  • Find the Moon a real name.
  • Scuba dive in the Red Sea.
  • Dive in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Try a Vegemite sandwich.
  • Sail down the River Nile.
  • Visit another part of Africa – not just Egypt.
  • Run through the ruins of a Greek temple.
  • Celebrate a Hallowe’en in Ireland.
  • Eat a taco in Italy!
  • Visit an old Norse castle.
  • Go on an African Safari and get a picture of a wild lion!
  • Listen to a story told by a village elder of a tribe somewhere in the world.
  • Visit at least 7 other countries not already listed.
  • Create a delicious recipe all my own.
  • Pet an elephant.
  • Pet a shark.
  • Help a baby sea turtle get to the ocean right after he hatches.
  • Ride a camel.
  • See a Humpback whale in the wild.
  • See a wild toucan.
  • Find a four-leafed clover.
  • Try a piece of Turkish Delight.
  • Read the entire Bible.
  • Meet on of my favorite actors.
  • Make homemade pasta.
  • Sew a beautiful and wearable dress.
  • Enter one of my photographs in a contest and win a prize for it.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Help a noble cause.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon.
  • Sky dive.
  • Write a book, even if it’s never published.
  • Ride in a parade on my Arabian horse while dressed like an Egyptian.
  • Find and marry my true love.
  • Raise a family with him.


Photo Challenge – Day 26: Transportation


"Row...row...row away."

“Row…row…row away.”

A canoe is a very pleasant mode of transportation. This was the first time I have ever been canoeing in my life. I had a blast! If you have never been, I suggest you put it on your bucket list and try it!

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10 Places To Go

I dream of traveling the world!   I can’t seem to get it off of my mind!   The world feels so huge and I feel like I’m stuck in a little corner of it, waiting for my turn to explore.   I would like to go so many places and see all the special spots each place has to show me.   I have come up with hundreds of different places to visit and have painstakingly narrowed them down to a list of my top ten.

1. Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

2. Venice, Italy.

3. Cairo, Egypt.

4. Zakynthos Island, Greece.

5. Transylvania, Romania.

6. Paris, France.

7. London, England.

8. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland.

9. Neustadt, Germany.

10. Isle Of Skye, Scotland.


(I hope I spelt all of these correctly!)


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My Favorite Vacation

One of my biggest dreams in life, is to travel around the world.   I haven’t gotten far yet, but then again, I’m only just eighteen.

My Mom and Dad have still traveled around the states with my siblings and myself.   We have even made it to the Bahamas!   Out of the places I have traveled with my family, and the vacations I’ve had with them, I do have a favorite.   It was hard to pick out, but I have found it.

My favorite vacation was when my Mom and Dad took us to California.   We drove there from our house, stopping along the way to visit my Aunt and Uncle.   I had so much fun in that sunny state.   Anywhere near the Ocean will usually count as a favorite place for me!   On that vacation, we visited so many places and saw so many things!  We even went whale watching for the first time in my life.   We hiked, ran along the beach, sun bathed, swam, and visited museums and refuge zoos close to our resort.   My family and I were even able to ride horses along the shore, one of the biggest highlights of the trip for many of us.   The weather was beautiful the entire time, and the beaches were plentiful, not to mention abundant with sand dollars and shells that I brought home by the pound.   Our location was surprisingly quiet and pleasant.   It was a very fun experience, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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5 Items to Buy!

Lets say I just won, came into, or inherited one-million dollars.   Using the one-million dollars I now hold in my hands, I am allowed to buy five things with this money.

If this amazing event ever took place in my life, these are the five things I would buy:

1. A house with land near the ocean in a small, unknown Oregon town (maybe Tillamook), and bring all my pets and horses with me.

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2. A pair of Irregular choice shoes.

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3. My dream wedding dress (might as well prepare for the future!).

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4. A vacation home for my parents in the location of their choice.

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5. And…my very own jet so I could travel the world!!

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I know these are petty things, but if I had any money left over I would put it to better use!